Party ‘a-loud’ kit

This kit includes a  cupcake, a piping bag of coloured buttercream, a bag of premium sprinkles and a candle, and comes in either an individually boxed or collectively boxed option. All decorations and embellishments can be customised to suit your party theme and celebration. No piping tips required, just snip the end of the piping bag and you’re ready to create! Cupcake flavours include: vanilla (funfetti), strawberry or chocolate. Various buttercream flavours available (contact us for details).

Individually boxed | $7.50/person (minimum order 12)

This kit has been designed for any celebration, as a party activity, party favour or for an isolation party over a social network in place of a traditionally shared celebration cake.

Collectively boxed | $5.5/person (minimum order 12)

This is the alternative package available as a party activity. Cupcakes will not be individually boxed, there will be 4 piping buttercream bags to share and sprinkles.

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