The Copper Whisk's cupcakes

How much cake do I need?

Our cake sizes and price guide will assist you in planning your day. We suggest catering for 90% of your guest list, as you will have last minute cancellations, guests on diets, intolerances, allergies, not a fan of cake, etc.

About our cakes & cupcakes

Prices quoted below are the starting price for round undecorated buttercream and ganached cakes & cupcakes. The final price will depend on the complexity of the design (carving, figurines, decorations and intricacy). Once you have contacted us, we will provide a more comprehensive quote including a preliminary design. For portion numbers that exceed these amounts we recommend a tiered cake. Once you contact us, we can discuss what will look good.

Each cake has three layers and are filled according to your cake of choice (please refer to Artisan cake flavours for our current cake flavours). Our portion size is 1”x2”x4” (width x depth x height).

Number of portions Recommended Cake size
(diameter x height)
Buttercream Ganache
20-25 6”x6” $100 $130
35-40 7”x6” $110 $170
45-50 8”x6” $130 $200

We have minimum orders of x2 dozen for cupcakes. Starting price for x2 dozen (regular size) is $72. Contact us for more details.