What age group are these kits designed for?

Individual kits have recommended age groups. In some instances, a box has been designed with variations to suit different age groups which you can specify at the time of purchase. With the boxes that target the age group of 5-8 only, adult supervision is recommended. However, the instructions contained are detailed enough that children up to the age of 13 have successfully completed the box as an independent activity.  For the boxes involving fondant, the challenging fine motor movements for the younger age bracket include: rolling actions with small amounts of fondant (slightly smaller than pea sized) , controlled pressure rolling for creating tear drops and pincer grips for small decorations (like cachous).

What is the duration of the box activity?

It depends on which box you choose. Nearly every box we design has stages where you can complete over separate periods of the day or over a couple of days, if you choose to. We understand that children have varying degrees of concentration and are mindful of this as we go through the design process of each box.

What do the kids do?

Everything or just part of the kit, it’s up to you! The kits have been designed for kids to be involved in all stages (with adult supervision); baking, making the toppers and final assembly.

Do the kids need prior cake decorating experience?

Absolutely not! The kits have been tested with children who have had no prior experience baking. With the kits that involve fondant decorations, we advise that if your kids like playing with Play-Doh, fondant is nearly exactly the same.

Do you need specialised equipment?

No. We understand that cake decorating can involve lots of specialised equipment, but it can also not! We design our boxes with equipment lists that include items generally found in most kitchens. Ideally, we ask you to have a set of scales but we have work arounds if you don’t.

We’re confident these kits cater for kids ranging from fairly experienced cake decorators to the complete beginner. If your kids love this sort of activity, we know they will have fun!

If you have an idea for a box, we’d love to hear from you!

Cookie kits

Our scratch baked preservative free biscuits are made fresh to order. They are heat sealed in bag and dispatched within a 24 hours of baking the cookie. They are well packaged for courier delivery, and filled with packaging tissue in the box to minimise movement. They will remain fresh for at least a week if unopened in bag.

**UPDATE. As there are significant delays to our Courier service, we are only dispatching the cookie kits on Monday and Tuesday of each week. Orders must be placed no later than 5pm Saturday prior to the following Monday/Tuesday for dispatch the following week. We thank you for your understanding**

Damaged goods / missing items.

We take care to pack our boxes to ensure they are complete and safe for courier delivery and arrive to you undamaged. However there are rare occasions where the product is missing items or has been damaged in transit. If this happens, we ask you take photos of the damaged item(s) or full contents of the box and forward it through to us for our review. We will work with you to resolve the situation because our client satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Delays in delivery times.

We use a combination of Australia Post and Couriers depending on where you are located. In all instances, we will send you email notification once the box has been dispatched notifying you of the delivery method and tracking details.

As delivery times are outside of our control, we will not be held responsible for delays in delivery. We will however, work on your behalf to follow up on delays and to investigate and locate any missing items.


In the event we are unable to fill your order due to unforeseen circumstances we will issue refunds less any fees incurred by payment method. This however does not include delays in delivery outside of our control or cover change of mind purchases irregardless of whether the box has been shipped.